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I have entered a video in the 2019 Rootstech Film Fest. Having made it to the semi-finalist level we have two weeks to showcase the video and get folks to vote for it.

You can do that by going to this link.

Normally I would just embed the video here for viewing. But I need you to click on the link, watch the video and vote for it from that page.

The contest is themed “Connect. Belong.” Each entry should reflect what that means to its creator. Each video has to meet certain criteria and is judged at several levels, including fan vote count. I hope we make some fans.

In viewing the video I am certain some of you have questions about the pictures and stories of individuals selected. Some will want to know why I chose some individuals over others or included some stories but not others.

The video had to be less than 3 minutes in length. I wanted strong images. Of course, I had more story detail than could possibly fit in a visual presentation.

Also it was my desire to convey not the extraordinary details of folks but quite the opposite. I wanted to convey how normal they were and how the routine facts of their lives matter. I feel that is what connects us. I also feel that is what makes each of those featured extraordinary. They were like us and we are like them. We belong to each other and thankfully we have the connective, normal details of our lives that bring us togther.

I also felt it important to not only send the message of connecting to our past but also to our future. This is one thing I think makes the video stand out from others. At least I hope they get that.

Winning the contest is not really my goal. It would be nice to get the grand prize of visiting an ancestral homeland but that isn’t my goal. My goal is to celebrate. I want to advance the message of the great value in our family history. And I also want to continue reaching out to family wherever we can find them. I believe that needs to remain a critical pursuit and maybe this is a way to find a few more of our family out there.

So please vote. If this is a good experience, we may do it again.

If you are so inclined please share the voting link on your social media sites and websites. We appreciate all the support we can get.

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