Jonah Westover Jr

From Connecticut to Massachusetts and Beyond

Jonah and Hannah would bring ten Westover children into the world, three sons and seven daughters. Their eldest son Jonah Jr would in time carry forward the Westover name.That did look doubtful for a time. He was Captain Jonah Westover, leader of the local militia and very busy defending the settlement. The area surrounding Simsbury was active with Indian uprisings requiring a constant military presence. Jonah Jr. remained unmarried until the ripe age of 36, when he married Abigail Case, daughter of another local prominent family. They would bring five children into the world, two girls and three boys. But something happened in 1714. Within a five week period beginning in early May the family lost matriarch Hannah Westover, followed then by Abigail Westover and then suddenly Jonah Jr. died. This left the children of Jonah Jr. and Abigail Westover orphans — without even grandparents around. Uncle Jonathan Westover, Jonah Jr’s brother and also an unmarried militia captain, stepped up to care for the children. He moved the family to a new frontier in Sheffield, Masschusetts, where the sons of Jonah Jr. and Abigail Westover would make their own mark on Westover Family History. This story is just the beginning of a long line of Westover brothers taking care of each other.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

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