Westover Bacon Potts Farm

The Generations of the American Revolution

The three youngest children of Jonah Jr. and Abigail Westover — Nathaniel, Jonah and John — would grow up and raise their families in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Each would leave their mark on the community. Nathaniel was a local innkeeper, who even to this day is portrayed in community events as a founding father in the community. Jonah Westover III built a home (pictured above) with his brother John Westover (from whom we descend) and together they raised their considerably large families together. John Westover was well known in the community due to his service as clerk of the local Church of England. He and his wife Rachel would raise a family of 12 children, including seven sons. These seven sons with Biblical names would scatter following the American Revolution, spreading the Westover name through out North America.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

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