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Growing Roots in the West

The Mormon experience in the American west was complete within the Westover family. During the Mormon Reformation of 1856 each of the Westover adults — Electa, Edwin and Charles — entered into plural marriage. Recently arrived from Scotland was Ann Findley, just age 17 when she pushed a handcart across the plains with her parents. Less than six months after she arrived she was married to Edwin as his plural wife. In 13 years of marriage Ann and Edwin would have five children. But before the last of those children was born Ann was pressed into service with her parents in Northern Utah when her brother, William, the main provider for the family, suddenly passed away. For the rest of her life Ann would live as many women in plural marriages lived — without her husband. Edwin worked Church missions in southern Utah while Ann worked family missions in northern Utah. Her life would span from times of handcarts to automobiles. It was a life of extraordinary service.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

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