The Arnold Westover Family

The sixth child of William and Ruth was born on 16 March 1895. His name is Arnold Westover. Arnold would lose his father at the age of about seven and would be raised under the influence of older siblings, extended family and concerned neighbors. He married Mary Ann Smith at the age of 20 after learning the hard work of the farm and of construction. He would actively engaged in church callings, community service and the constant toil of building various businesses. In 1926, with a family of six small children at home, he left for a mission in the Eastern States. Eventually his work would take him to Bremerton, Washington with the onset of World War II which would press him into service in the shipyards there while his young sons were just coming of age to serve in the military. The legacy of Arnold and Mary Ann Westover was a tight-knit family that outgrew the limits of their poverty as their children went on to college and greater achievement in the American West.

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