Electa Beal

Tragedy and Destiny

Amos and Ruth Westover’s son Alexander Westover was a teen when they arrived in Ohio and established the family farm. They came to the area with friends from New England, the Obediah Beal family. Ruth died in 1821 and Amos followed a year later in 1822. Just months later Alexander married Electa Beal and started a whole new chapter in Westover family history. Together they moved to Goshen, Ohio to stake a claim and start a family. Their first, Edwin Ruthven, was born there in 1824. Three other sons were born until Alexander died in 1834. His passing left Electa destitute and forced her to farm out her children to other families. Little did Electa know that within another ten years the winds of fate would partner her with her son Edwin in taking the Westover name further west.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

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