Memories of Mom — Mom and Mother in Law

It has been a little more than a year since my Mom passed. Frankly, it is still hard for me to speak of her without getting emotional.

As boys I don’t think we realize the importance of Moms in our lives. But as men we sure do.

There is a bond between Mother and Son that is not quite like any other. I felt it with my mother. And I have witnessed it between my wife and our son, too.

In this installment in our series on Memories of Mom I share the story of the time my Mom actually encouraged me to pursue girls when I was a teenager. I don’t know how many Moms do that, but I suppose I was a special case. That experience is shared in context with a later relationship my Mother would have with the girl I chose to marry.

And that too proved to be a relationship I never really expected:

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

Husband, father, Latter-day Saint, 11th generation American, and web geek currently residing in Smithfield, Utah. Please visit my website at

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