Tell Us Your Memories of Mom and Grandma

Ready to write some family history with us? Please participate in our effort to collect favorite stories, memories and histories of Moms and Grandmas.

Between now and the week of Mother’s day 2015 we will be working on submissions of stories from family members about their Moms and Grandmas. Then, during the week of Mother’s Day, we will publish what is shared here on the website. If we can get enough people to participate we think we will have added a wonderful new section to our family history archive here online.

We have very few rules for this: your story does not have to be long — it just has to come from you. It doesn’t have to be of your Mom…in can be a memory of a favorite grandmother or maybe a mother-like figure in your life. It can be a mother-in-law. Your mom or grandma doesn’t even have to be a Westover. Just tell us about someone special in your life who fills that mother role for you in some way.

It can be long or short. It can be funny. It can be sad. It can be anything you like, really. Just share it with us. Inspire us with the lessons you’ve learned, the laughs you have shared and the memories you hold dear.

You can even upload an image to share with your story. We’ll just collect it all and publish them just as they are written in a special section here on Westover Family History.

We encourage you to make this a family activity with your children. Everyone has a Mom! We want to hear from young and old alike from family members everywhere. The more who participate the more folks will benefit and be inspired.

Because it is possible that these stories may include living individuals we have chosen to publish these stories and make them available on to logged in registered users.

This is a great Sunday-afternoon activity. Please take the time to share a little something about your Mom or Grandma.

(That picture up at the top — that’s my Mom with her mother around 1965 — rockin’ the sunglasses).

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

Husband, father, Latter-day Saint, 11th generation American, and web geek currently residing in Smithfield, Utah. Please visit my website at

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