Westovers in America — This brief video tells the story of Gabriel Westover’s (1593-1670) decision to send his 11-year-old son to America in the 1630s:

Jonas and Jonas — The life of the first Westover in America — Jonas Sr, (1628-1709) and his son Jonas, Jr. (1664-1714)

Brothers — The orphaned Westover children of 1714 needed someone to step up to care for them. This is the story of the brother of Jonas, Jr. This is the story of a long line of Westover brothers that over the course of the next 120 years would come to serve and influence each other.

Mother Electa — The life of Electa Beal Westover (1802-1889) is an inspiring tale of faith and hope:

A Mighty Work — The life history of Edwin Ruthven Westover (1824-1878)

Faith, Love and Fidelity of Heart — The life story of Ann Findley Westover

Land and Legacy: The William and Ruth Westover Story

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