Welcoming Noah

Some great family news to share! Today some of us were able to attend the baby blessing for Noah Arthur Meldrum, son of Maren and Ryan Meldrum.

Maren is LaRee’s daughter (LaRee is daughter to Leon Westover } Arnold Westover } William Westover).

Little Noah, born just this week, was blessed by his grandfather, Will Harvey. Grandma LaRee played the piano. The Meldrum family was well represented today in support of Noah as well.

This was a notable event in our family history if only because it was attended by a number of grandchildren of Leon and Maurine Westover — in fact, a representative from each family from the children of Leon and Maurine were present today.

From Keith & Julia’s family were two — Tiah and Reeves Westover. Reeves is attending BYU in Provo and Tiah has been doing an internship in Salt Lake as part of her schooling at BYU-Idaho. Tiah graciously led the music and Reeves stood in the circle of priesthood present.

From Alan and Terri’s family were Chris and Lauren Westover, with their two lovely daughters in tow. Chris stood in the circle today, too.

LaRee and Will were represented, of course, by Maren and Ryan and all their sons (Liam, Nick and Eric), including the focus of our attention today, little Noah.

And from the Kyle and Cathi Westover family I (Jeff) was able to attend and participate with my wife Sandy and two of my daughters, Maggie and Emma. And my Dad, Kyle, was there and participating, too.

It didn’t dawn on me while I was there that we were making a little family history.

But as I was driving home and contemplating those who were there I couldn’t help but think how neat events like this are really opportunities for us to come together. We really have not have many chances as an extended family to do too many things together and when someone from each of my grandparents’ children’s families are together in one spot I think it is notable.

I think it is important that we share events like this and record them as a part of our history.

Grandpa was on my mind a lot today. I can’t explain totally why. Part of it, I know, was because today there was a board meeting of the Westover Family Ranch. I was planning to make a quick trip up to Idaho today to attend it. I’m not on the board but have been active in the past year or so in assisting with the website for the ranch and have been feeling compelled to get to one of those meetings so I can meet people and have them meet me. We’re family!

The ranch has never been a part of my tradition growing up in California. I was aware of it. I know from personal conversations with Grandpa how important it is to him. It is later is life for me and I should repent for not being involved, I know, but I’m trying to redeem myself.

I can remember Grandpa talking about the importance of his children and grandchildren getting together as often as possible after he was gone. He viewed the ranch as a place where that could happen. But events like today would have made him happy. He and Grandma wanted their children and grandchildren to gather.

Today, in a small way, we did that.

I cannot say for sure that Grandpa was aware of it but I felt him strongly today all day. I know he would be pleased.

Congrats to Maren and Ryan! It was a blessing for more than just little Noah today to be together.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

Husband, father, Latter-day Saint, 11th generation American, and web geek currently residing in Smithfield, Utah. Please visit my website at JeffWestover.com

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