Westover Ancestor Map

This map shows every known Westover ancestor in North America in the location where they died (and likely buried).

This is a work in process that will take many months to complete. Please bear with us as we input information.

The map is scrollable — use the controls to drill down to specific individuals and locations. Each generation has a different color marker, noted below. Mouse over any marker and you will see the name and a very brief note about each person. If you click on the page you will be directed to their profile on FamilySearch (login required):

1st Generation – Jonah Westover Sr/Hannah (Griswold) Westover

2nd Generation – Jonas Westover Jr/Abigail (Case) Westover

3rd Generation – John Westover/Rachel (Morton) Westover

4th Generation – Amos Westover/Ruth (Loomis) Westover

5th Generation – Alexander Westover/Electa (Beal) Westover

6th Generation – Edwin Ruthven Westover/Sarah Darrow/Sarah Jane Burwell/Ann Findley

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