We’re looking for family members who want to contribute to this site. We have a number of ambitious projects that require talent, time and a passion for our heritage. Please contact us if interested in serving in any of the roles below:

Family Birthday Coordinator
A fun new feature we’re working on is the Family Birthday Calendar, a feature that will show birthdates for family members living and dead. How cool is it to know if you share a birthday with an ancestor? This new feature connects us to the past and helps all family members learn a little more about our ancestors. We need an coordinator that can write brief summaries and manage the calendar interface.

Social Media Manager
WFH has it’s own social media accounts but we want to connect to family members with their own accounts. We need someone with great social skills to reach out via these channels and keep us connected with family everywhere. This function requires constant social activity online.

Family Photo Editor
Our collection of photos continues to grow. We need a leader in our efforts to catalog our images, tag them with accurate and relevant information and make them easily available to all of our family site visitors. Organizational ability is needed more than photo editing skills. We need someone very detail oriented and committed to this effort.

Family Temple Work Coordinator
As more family members join in the efforts of temple work we need someone to keep track of the work and to communicate needs when names are ready for the temple. This will require someone with contacts within the family of those who are actively finding names and needing coordination for ordinance work that needs to be done.

Family Video Editor/Producer
The list of video projects we have is ever growing. We need folks with talent, equipment and expertise to aid in our video storytelling efforts. If we can get enough help we would also like to develop other types of videos such as tutorials, living histories, and family news.

Vital Records Archivist
We would like to expand our efforts in archiving vital records here on WFH. These would be census records, birth certificates, diaries, journals, histories and other such documents we can find of our ancestors’ lives. Yes, much is already available on Family Search, Ancestry and other such places. We are looking to build our own family archive of credible information and keep it here.

The need for writers to tell family stories, share family research news and expertise, and to contribute to the voice of Westover Family History is significant. Those interested in gaining some online writing experience are especially encouraged to contribute. We are looking for family members from anywhere to help tell the stories we don’t know.

News Editor
Part of the vision for WFH is to become a place where family news is shared. We need someone with vision to take up this effort by finding and sharing family news on our pages.

Contact Database Manager
We desire to generate a family database of current contact information. We need someone with some technical skill and social ability to take on this project.

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