The Edwin Westover Family Project

Gathering Edwin’s Family

Edwin Ruthven Westover was born on August 27, 1824.

His life story centers on his faith. In a blessing given to him late in his life he was told:

Thy power in the priesthood shall enable thee to do all the good that is in thy heart, even to accomplish and fulfill all the blessings that have been sealed upon thee pertaining to the new and everlasting covenant, or at least to lay the plan in which thy children shall labor to redeem thy father’s house that not one be lost…”

It is our desire to see if we can account for and gather all the progeny of Edwin R. Westover.

On Edwin’s 200th birthday on August 27, 2024 we want to present his family information and actually gather as many of his family as we can to celebrate his life and service. This was first announced on October 21, 2019.

This five year project will be a challenge because we do not have any kind of accounting for the living. It will require the involvement and assistance from many branches of the family who may know how to reach those we don’t know about.

We value the privacy of the living. The information we are gathering is subject to our privacy policy. We do not use this information other than for historical purposes and, in this case, to contact descendents of Edwin R. Westover to invite them to join our efforts.

To begin, please fill out the information below. After you have completed it you will be taken to the work-in-progress showing all of Edwin’s descendents.

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