We are slowly building a repository of detailed profile information on family members from all sides. Each profile page includes vital data, links to children and spouse profiles, images (if we have them) and a life sketch (or two or three) for each individual. This information is restricted to registered site members only and is intended to only be archived on this website and none other.

Alexander Westover
Amos Westover
Carl Panther Begich
Ann Findley Westover
Arnold R. Westover
Edwin Ruthvin Westover
Electa Beal Westover
Gabriel Westover Sr.
Gabriel Westover Jr.
John Westover II
John Westover III
John Westover (1711-1784)
Jonas Westover Sr.
Jonas Westover Jr.
Kyle J. Westover Sr.
Leon A. Westover
Maurine R. Westover
Susanne Catherine Begich Caldwell Westover
William Ruthvin Westover

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