Westover Family HistoryThere is no one correct way to “do family history”.

In fact, you can “do family history” in a variety of ways. Organizing photos is doing family history. Journal writing is doing family history. Storytelling is doing family history. Of course, recording genealogical data is doing family history. There are likely dozens and dozens of ways to “do family history”.

That makes answering the timeless question of “How do I begin?” somewhat complex to answer. So please consider what we offer here as merely advice. You do NOT have to do it this way.

That being said, we all need help in “doing our family history”. If you are feeling like you want to help but do not know how to go about it, we offer the following suggestions, knowing full well the Internet has plenty to offer out there in alternative ideas:

Step 1 – How You Need to Look at Family History

    – It Begins with You and Belongs to You
    – You’re Going to Leave It to Someone
    – Leave Better Than What You Got

Step 2 – The Three Trees of Family History (and one hairy bush)

    – Your Private Data
    – FamilySearch.org
    – Ancestry.com
    – DNA: No Substitute for Real Research

Step 3 – Gather, Organize, and Share

    – Family Group Sheets, Books of Remembrance, and Pedigrees
    – Critical Digital Skills of the Family Historian
    – Building Your Own Family Website is Easier Than You Think

Step 4 – Continuing Education, Ongoing Efforts

    – Crucial Websites in Family Research
    – Historical Organizations and Societies
    – Rootstech: Going When You Can’t Go
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