Aunt Allie

Our visit in Enoch took us to nearby Cedar City to visit family who lived there a little more recently.

In this wind-swept visit to the Cedar City cemetery I wanted Damon to know and understand a little bit about my Grandma’s sister, Aunt Allie.

Aunt Allie

Aldyth Riggs Quilter was not known to me until I was an adult and met her when she came to California to help care for Grandma. I had long heard legendary stories of “Aunt Allie”, as she was called, but never had the opportunity to meet her. I came to quickly see what so many said about her. She was just a joy to be around.

It’s important for us to make connections with every family member we can. It is more important that we remember the good things they did and what they meant to other people. In the short time I got to know Aunt Allie I knew I wanted to be able to tell her stories to my children and grandchildren.

That’s why one of my daughters is named Allie – and now Damon has an Aunt Allie, too.

This brief introduction to Aldyth Riggs Quilter, it turns out, became significant on this family history trip.

There’s a good reason for that.

A younger Damon with his Aunt Allie

ps – That picture above is Aunt Evie, Grandma, Aunt Elma and Aunt Allie.

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Jeff Westover

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