Leon A. Westover

The Leon A. Westover Family

Leon A. Westover was the first born and eldest son of Arnold and Mary Ann Smith Westover. Born on the farm in Rexburg, Leon would grow up in Rexburg, serve a mission to Norway in the 1930s, and then become the first college graduate in the Westover Family and serve a distinguished career as an educator. He married his sweetheart, Maurine Riggs, in 1940 and began their family as the 2nd world war was underway. The Westovers both worked as teachers in a Japanese Relocation Center in Topaz, Utah during the war then pursued job opportunities in Southern Utah, Oregon and then California where they settled to grow their family. Leon taught high school math and science while supporting his family with 2nd and sometimes 3rd jobs on the side. He was active church affairs and in building the kingdom in Concord, California. After retirement Leon and Maurine served a full time mission at the Martin Harris farm in Palmyra, New York.

Jeff Westover
Jeff Westover

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