William R. Westover Family

Edwin and Ann’s 2nd child and 1st son, William Ruthven Westover, was born on 29 April, 1861. Though his life was short it was a life that would impact the family for generations to come. As a child of about 8 he became the man of the Westover house in Mendon, Utah. He would work the farm and grow into a man under the influence of his grandfather, William Findley Sr, and his future father-in-law, William Rowe. After delaying marriage for several years in order to help support his Mendon family, William and his sweetheart, Ruth Althea Rowe, were wed in March 1883 and began their adventure together. It would take them as pioneers to the Rexburg, Idaho area where they struggled to make a claim and then to keep it. Their nine children would know hardships too but thanks to the faithfulness of their parents, William and Ruth, a wonderful legacy was born heading into the 20th century.

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