Memories of Mom — Nana and Baseball

Play Ball!! My favorite and everlasting memory of Nana naturally focuses on baseball. Nana loved baseball and especially her beloved Yankees.

On the west coast in the early 60’s, the only team in the Bay Area was the Giants so we spent many a summer day listening to Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons over the radio provide the play by play of the Giants. Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Davenport, Hart, the Alou brothers, Marichal…man, what a team!!

Nana would add her own stories of her days at Yankee Stadium and her love of the Bronx Bombers. She tolerated the Giants since she was a loyal AL fan but Bumpa loved the Giants and we’d team up against Nana while we were all out in the garage listening to the games while Bumpa loaded his shotgun shells. To this day, listening to a game on radio brings back special memories of those earliest days of my childhood.

Yes, like grandparents often do, they both went out of their way to spoil me and feed my love for the game. We would go to Safeway on Monument Blvd to shop and instead of just buying a pack of baseball cards, they would by me the whole box!! We would go home, open them and sort them by team and by all star! As a 5 yr old, that was real treasure!

Yes, I am a proud nana’s boy!! The love of the game came from my beloved Nana. My passion in following baseball to this day came from the love and devotion of my 4ft 10in spitfire of a Nana.

The game today connects me to those moments in my very young childhood. Thanks Nana!

I am convinced that my daughter Amy’s love of the Yankees came from precious moments spent with my nana in heaven before she came to us. And, the love of the Yankees continues to this day not only with Amy, but her children as well.

Mary and daughter Amy in pinstripes.

Mary and daughter Amy in pinstripes.

Great-Great Grands Corbin and Peyton also rock Yankee pinstripes.

Great-Great Grands Corbin and Peyton also rock Yankee pinstripes.

We didn’t have Nana long during our childhood years. But what years we had together we made memories with. As this pictures show, she was an engaged grandparent:

Memories of Mom — Grandma’s Laugh

Someone once said, “Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting!” This story is a great example of that.

Paul and Katee

Paul and Katee

In this “Memories of Mom” installment Paul Westover, son of Kim and Pam and a grandson to Darrell and Evie, shares a reunion memory that centers on his Grandma Evie.

Now, this covers a little ground we’ve shared already a little this week when Evie shared a giggling memory of her mother. And all that Paul independently verifies is that the laughter has never stopped.

We’ve asked dozens of people if they had time to share a memory of Mom this week. But we didn’t coordinate or direct a thing with these stories. (And we’re pretty sure Paul and Evie didn’t coordinate things either.) It is a delightful reminder of how spontaneously consist the love of family can be.

Paul, in his wisdom, added a little musical element to his story — and for that we’re grateful, too. Enjoy:

Memories of Mom — Squaw Wrestling Mom

kjwIs there anything Moms can’t do? For whatever reason, that is a lesson boys seem to have a hard time learning.

Or maybe it’s just genetic with the men in our family.

The other day we posted a few videos of Maurine Westover sharing memories of her Mom. Now we get to hear a little of her experience as a mother. I’m sure this wasn’t the only challenge she faced — and I’m equally sure she met other challenges with similar success.

In today’s installment of Memories of Mom Kyle J. Westover recalls challenging his mother to a contest of “squaw wrestling” — if only because he had spurt up in size and had the mental capacity of a teenager. (What was he thinking?)

Do you have a memory of Mom to archive forever as part of our family history? Please do so by sharing an audio file or a phone call…and we’ll post it up here so all can enjoy.

Memories of Mom — Mom and Mother in Law

It has been a little more than a year since my Mom passed. Frankly, it is still hard for me to speak of her without getting emotional.

As boys I don’t think we realize the importance of Moms in our lives. But as men we sure do.

There is a bond between Mother and Son that is not quite like any other. I felt it with my mother. And I have witnessed it between my wife and our son, too.

In this installment in our series on Memories of Mom I share the story of the time my Mom actually encouraged me to pursue girls when I was a teenager. I don’t know how many Moms do that, but I suppose I was a special case. That experience is shared in context with a later relationship my Mother would have with the girl I chose to marry.

And that too proved to be a relationship I never really expected:

Memories of Mom — Evie’s Fits of Giggles with Her Mother

Evie Westover

Evie Westover

Pictured to the right is Evelyn Riggs Westover — Aunt Evie to many of us. She took to the phone this past week to share with us some thoughts of her mother, Muriel Snow Riggs.

As part of her storytelling she relates a tale of getting into fits of giggles with her mother. I didn’t know this is where Evie gets this wonderful talent.

It delights me to hear her tell this story because it takes me back to a time when Evie would take us to early morning seminary when I was in high school. I couldn’t figure out how she could always be so positive and full of energy so early in the morning and can remember many, many times doing or saying the smallest thing that would, literally, give her fits of giggles.

I can recall one time being at the grocery store with Aunt Evie. She spied a tabloid at the checkout counter with a headline that screamed, “Man Marries Head of Lettuce”. She got to giggling about that headline so bad she could hardly write out her check.

So listen closely to this story as this wonderful talent was one she has had her whole life, and one she apparently shared with her Mom: